High and low voltage power-line broadband network focus on the billions of market
Time: 2012-01-05 15:07:15   Count: 1628
      You believe that through a chip's power cord is connected to an ordinary computer, can I plug in a sea of the Internet, free to navigate the online world? today, journalists demonstrated in the Silicon Valley technology limited Guangzhou office early to experience the magic of this high-tech scene. The company developed the "four in one" technology, has been successfully achieved with high and low-voltage power line communication method to transmit data and voice signals.

      At home, people are more familiar with is the "triple play" concept. In mid-January, before the Executive meeting of the State Council put forward to 2015, in full triple play development, popularization and application integration business in the country. Industry insiders estimate, this will develop a market for tens of billions of dollars of cake. In fact, when countries to vigorously promote "three networks integration", the domestic and foreign scientific research institutions on "four in one" or even "five in one" research, however, has begun. As early as 1998, high frequency load current contains information, then use wire "technology in the United Kingdom test.

      In the Alliance Silicon Valley mention head Xu Ziyun told reporter, high low voltage Powerline broadband network "four network unity" technology not needed again wiring, as long as in existing wire Shang can achieved data, and voice and video, business hosted, achieved remote data acquisition, and monitored and control, relative Yu erection dedicated wire, and cable, leased telecommunications line and using wireless transmission,, has cost low, and construction shortcut, and run reliable, and maintenance simple of advantage. "Especially in remote mountain called resolution, watch TV on the hard questions and difficult, have very important practical significance. ”
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