Low voltage complete sets of China market price goes down
Time: 2012-01-12 09:53:58   Count: 1662
      Characteristics of low-voltage equipment, like most industries in China all similar, small scale, low levels of technology, products, products of similar characteristics and do not have their own advantages, only by vicious price war in order to obtain a competitive advantage, thus forcing the overall declining market prices.

      Low voltage complete sets of China enterprises at present concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, the rapid formation of industrial cluster produced a number of influential medium leading private enterprises. It is understood that from a regional perspective, China low voltage equipment market are mainly in the East, South and North. Now popular "internal and external"Foreign brands in order to seize the Chinese market, usually selecting some of China's local partners, authorized the factory produces and sells some of its series low-voltage Cabinet, Schneider,ABB,Siemens has taken this approach. Although such cooperation is to enhance their sales performance, it greatly expanded its brand share, forming a strong brand in the market, and also led to its components of marketing.

      Our equipment businesses should be devoted to independent research and development of new products, from vicious price out of the market, and create their own brand, with China's market, let Chinese brand to the world.

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